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Georgia is the birthplace of grape wine with 8000 years of history and facts . Georgian people express their love to wine and grapes in different ways such as traditional georgian ornaments, songs, poetry and arts.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONЕ Tbilisi, Our car will meet you at your hotel or apartment.
RETURN TIME Evening 6 -8 PM ,depending on the tour
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Professional guide Food and the best Georgian wine
Transfer throughout the tour Small present
Additional expenses

We organize car tours in Georgia  individually or for a large companies and groups. We guarantee relaxed trip with delicious food and the best wines. You will also enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain valleys of Georgia which is full of history. Taking photos of ancient ruins ,caves and castles will make you feel amazing. We also have something to please lovers of beautiful nature and rich culture of Georgian people!


1 day in Tbilisi: Old city

  • After meeting you at the airport, we will immediately go to the most beautiful part of Tbilisi-the old city. A sightseeing tour is included in the price of the tour. during this event, you will visit places that are directly from a fairy tale. You will have a great opportunity to try real Georgian wines, because we will look at the most interesting wine cellars where the” red gold ” of Georgia is stored at a certain temperature. We will also visit sites and attractions that are closely related to winemaking, including the company where the “drink of the gods” is produced on an industrial scale. And all these events are designed for one day. We are sure that it will be an unforgettable and full of new experiences for you!


2 days - wine reagion of Kakheti .

  •  Kakheti is the WINE CRADLE of Georgia. Where we will be on our second day . We will start at KTW -Kakheti Traditional Winery , which is famous all over the world with highest quality of rich velvet taste in wine.All started with the Chkhaveri wine, the technology of which was invented by Antimoz Chkhaidze. A man who lived almost 150 years ago, was the owner of the best wine cellar, which had no analogues in all of Kakheti, and this despite the fact that the region was an old winery.
  • It is noteworthy that KTW produces not only elite wines , but also brandy and the legendary chacha. The best grape varieties growing in the west and in the east of Georgia are used in making Kakheti drinks. After visiting one of the factories, we will go on a sightseeing tour of the vineyard, and you will be able to see how the “wine berries” grow, from which excellent wine is made – using new technologies, but in compliance with old traditions. And then, we will go to Sighnaghi, to the Bodbe Monastery, where there is a holy spring in which you can swim. We deliberately included a visit to this marvelous place as you will enjoy amazing views of the surroundings.

Day 3 mini-tour of Kakheti

  • We considered it our duty to organize an excursion to the house-museum of the poet and philosopher Alexander Chavchavadze, which is located in the village of Tsinandali. This settlement has become famous all over the world thanks to the representatives of the most ancient clan Chavchavadze. And it was here that at one time the first winery in the Alazani Valley was opened. What is A. Chavchavadze so famous for? The fact that he was a big fan of “everything European”, partly because he personally visited Europe, when in 1814 he conquered Paris as part of the Russian army. It was Alexander Chavchavadze who had a European-style manner, and he was the first to introduce European wine-making technologies at his own enterprise, which produced excellent wine on an industrial scale.
  • After visiting the Museum, we will go to the town of Kvareli, where several wineries are located. We see that grapes make a great drink. After lunch, we go to Telavi, the land of ancient Orthodox monasteries and temples.

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