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For 8000 years, our ancestors elevated this craft to the rank of art. The world recognized this country as the birthplace of grape wine.
During this time, our nature and our winegrower in the person of any Kakheti peasant has developed a lot of high-quality wines

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONЕ Tbilisi, Our car will meet you at your hotel or apartment.
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 10:00 AM for a prompt departure at 10:05 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately Late in the evening.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Professional guide Food and the best Georgian wine
Transfer throughout the tour Small present
Additional expenses

We organize car tours in Georgia both individually and for large companies. Relaxing with us guarantees delicious food and the best wine. You will also enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and valleys of Georgia. Photos from this tour will not leave anyone indifferent. We also have something to please lovers of history and monuments with.


1st day in Kakheti : Wine region

Our nature and our vineyard in the face of any Kakheti peasant.
  • A lot of high-quality wines that we have to try at the KTV factory.
  • Signagi, mixed with medieval Italy, the style of architecture makes the city very attractive, the fortification wall with loopholes makes it possible to capture breathtaking views of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Range, you can feel the harmony of the town with nature, visit the Bodbe Monastery, where St. Nino, the baptist of Georgia, is buried, as well a miraculous source, town hall and wedding palace that works 24 hours and 7 days a week.
  • Next is Gudauri, a ski resort. Then the memorial of friendship of peoples pleases with its location, too. There are paragliders for thrill-seekers.
  • Conduct a tasting of local wine, visit a memorial complex in honor of the fallen sons in the Second World War.
  • There is a possibility for extreme people to get a dose of adrenaline on a pitched cable car.

2 day Telavi : Iori and Alazani rivers.

Travel to Telavi – a tour of the amazingly beautiful region, to the world of ancient temples and monasteries, picturesque rivers and valleys, where amber grapes grow under the warm rays of the sun. Telavi is not only the center of the region – it is the center of all Georgian winemaking, which is cultivated here.
  • After spending the night in Sighnaghi in the morning we will go to the house of the museum of Alexander Chavchavadze, a statesman and general of the tsarist army of Russia.
  • There is a tasting (paid) of exclusive wine. Next we will find the capital of the region, Telavi, with the famous residence of the tsars and Platan, with an age of 900 years we will visit the local wine factory, get acquainted with the production.
  • Local cuisine will provide an excellent lunch.
  • With a master class on the course “Tamada”

Day 3 Svaneti : Mestia

Mestia, the main regional center of Zemo (Upper) Svaneti, is situated 456 km from Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi, and is 1,500 meters above sea level. It is the starting point for most trips to Svaneti, with a range of hotels, guesthouses and local travel services, and makes a convenient base for exploring the area.
  • The road is so picturesque that it is very difficult to fit into the schedule, since it stops for every moment to imprint this beauty.
  • Waterfalls and cliffs, ravines and trees that have clung to the rocks. Local towers are made of stone, the Enguri River is breaking through a road in rock and rolling boulders behind it the size of a car …
  • In the wounded center of Mestia, we will be accepted by the local ethnographic museum, there is also a cable car with a circular view of snow-capped peaks.
  • In local restaurants, it necessarily contains Svani meat pies, Kubdari is spiced with high-mountain Girtsuli and minerals. The old recipe is kept secret.

Day 4 Svaneti : Ushguli

Ushguli is the highest alpine permanently inhabited community (not a village!) In Europe. It is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters in the extreme east of Svaneti. Located at the head of the Inguri River, at the foot of Mount Shkhara (5068 meters). From the district center of Mestia – about 33 kilometers east along the main road. This is like the farthest bear corner of Georgia, to climb into which is in itself honorable and cool.
  • On the second day, we will go to the village of Ushguli, which is famous throughout the country for its beauty and impregnable peaks, and on the level of flying eagles, we will feel the whole uniqueness of the high-mountain landscape, visit the yellow towers, and see the magnificent peaks of Ushba and Tetnuldi.
  • The impression of Svaneti will not leave you for a long time.

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