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Many of the historical monuments that are found in abundance in Georgian cities are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You have a great opportunity to “touch” history, because within the framework of the historical tour we will visit several cities and see Georgia, as if descended from a colorful postcard. This trip will be interesting to everyone who is fond of history and simply curious from nature.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONЕ Tbilisi, Our car will meet you at your hotel or apartment.
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 10:00 AM for a prompt departure at 10:05 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately Late in the evening.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Professional guide Food and the best Georgian wine
Transfer throughout the tour Small present
Additional expenses

We organize car tours in Georgia both individually and for large companies. Relaxing with us guarantees delicious food and the best wine. You will also enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and valleys of Georgia. Photos from this tour will not leave anyone indifferent. We also have something to please lovers of history and monuments with.


1st day in Tbilisi and Mtskheta : million cities

Our nature and our vineyard in the face of any Tbilisi peasant.
  • At the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi is the ancient capital of Iveria – the Georgian city, the first to adopt Christianity. This is Mtskheta, which in its history managed to be the capital of several kingdoms and kingdoms at once.
  • For many centuries, Mtskheta has been a religious center, as evidenced by the surviving architectural structures. After sightseeing and a hearty lunch, we will leave for Tbilisi, located 20 km from Mtskheta. This is a million-plus city, very beautiful, especially its historical part.
  • The capital of Georgia was ruined many times, devastated and set on fire, but this did not prevent the historical center from being preserved, where ancient temples, old houses, and the ruins of the ancient Persian fortress Narikala are concentrated, which was the victim of an earthquake that happened in 1827. But why do tourists go to these ruins? They offer beautiful views of the Kura Valley and the city. Also, we will visit the fair-exhibition of handicrafts and antiques.

2 day Kakheti and Sighnaghi: We are going to Signaghi!

  • akheti amazes tourists with its magnificent landscapes, its wine-making traditions and ancient shrines, among which the David-Gareja monastery complex is the most important place, which is a key attraction not only in Kakheti, but also in Georgia as a whole. This is a cave complex consisting of 20 monasteries that were founded in the 6th century.
  • After lunch, we will head to Sighnaghi to visit Bodbe Monastery, where every believer can plunge into the holy spring. If you are an atheist, then there will be amusement for you: you can “butter up your eyes” with the monastery flower gardens and just admire the Alazani Valley.

Day 3 Orthodox Kakheti

  • On the third day of our tour we will continue to get acquainted with the Kakheti shrines. We will visit the monastery and St. George’s Cathedral. These objects are called Alaverdi in a different way, and they are located in the Akhmeta district. By the way, the Alaverdi monastery is planned to be included in the list of cultural heritage sites.
  • Next we will visit the city of Kvareli, in which the house of Ilya Chavchavadze is located. It is noteworthy that the Kindzmarauli wine hails from here. The third day will end with a visit to the capital of Kakheti, the city of Telavi.

Day 4 Kutaisi and Motsameta

  • The main attraction of Kutaisi is the Bagrat temple, which is called both the castle and the cathedral. For almost three hundred years it stood ruined, but worship was conducted on its ruins all this time, but in 1952 restoration work began, and in 2001 the restored object was transferred to the Georgian Church.
  • Next, we will visit the Gelati Monastery, and after lunch we will go to the Motsameta Monastery, located next to Gelati. They are separated by a small mountain and canyon.

Day 5 Vardzia and the Rabat Fortress in Akhaltsikhe

  • Vardzia is a cave monastery city, which in the 13th century survived a strong earthquake, after which it lost the functions of a military strategic facility. Vardzia was partially restored, and services were even held here, but in Soviet times, the fortified city-monastery was declared a museum-reserve. At the moment, the monastery is functioning, although the number of novices is limited.
  • We will also visit the Akhaltsikhe fortress – Rabat, which is the hallmark of the city of Akhaltsikhe. There is a museum on the territory of the fortress!

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