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You are going to love Georgian cusine !
Georgian cuisine in the 21st century was able to preserve old recipes that uses only naturaly growth vegetables and fruits .
Due to the unique climate, everything in here
is still possible to grow naturally vegetables and fruits, raise cattle and poultry in the meadows, fresh and healthy!
For centuries, Georgian cusine includes wines. Properly selected snacks and based on centuries-old practice dictates that each dish is made for certain type of wine, make it possible to more vividly feel the delights of local cuisine .

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONЕTbilisi, Our car will meet you at your hotel or apartment.
RETURN TIMEEvening 6 -8 PM ,depending on the tour
WEARComfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Professional guideFood and the best Georgian wine
Transfer throughout the tourSmall present
Additional expenses

We organize car tours in Georgia  individually or for a large companies and groups. We guarantee relaxed trip with delicious food and the best wines. You will also enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain valleys of Georgia which is full of history. Taking photos of ancient ruins ,caves and castles will make you feel amazing. We also have something to please lovers of beautiful nature and rich culture of Georgian people!


1st day in Tbilisi : capital of great Georgia!

The first day we will spend in Tbilisi.
  • All the cuisine of the country has gathered in the capital of Georgia. Since people from different parts of the world have brought something of their own, the city accepted this gift and we will fully experience it in local restaurants.All the different types of dishes to keep everyone satisfied.
    Any of our dishes has its own story,In this way it is not only tasty but also informative.
    An orientation tour of the city will give a lot of positive emotions, it will be possible to follow the process of baking bread in Ton (tandoor), take memorable photos, have a glimpse of local harmony.

2 day Imereti: Kutaisi.

Imereti, the region is considered to have always set the tone for Georgian cuisine, and pampers with a variety of dishes. In any restaurant here, quality is an indisputable , we will see and experience it, but here we have a certain feature for you!
Lunch at a local resident house, let’s try the local tradition and culture at first hand!
Along the way there we will visit the “Imereti Yard”
The restaurant has impeccable cuisine, let’s compare home cooking with a restaurant!
  • Kutaisi is a city with 3500 years of history. Two beautiful temples are waiting for us there, which are in a marvelous beautiful place.
  • No matter how good it is, we need to move on! To new sensations, to other dishes, to another land!

Day 3 Adjaria : Batumi

Adjara will host us on the third day, the sea, the boulevard, attractions … of course we will not miss the opportunity to try the Adjarian khachapuri. Bread, cheese, butter, eggs … how they relate to each other, enjoy Khachapuri,  hearty snack.
  •  You will enjoy sitting down on the seashore and have your meal served which you have handpicked yourself. Local winery visit will reveal the extraordinary beauty of the nature where you will hear the singing sounds of the marine birds and fisherman boats swingning on your view.

Day 4 Megrelia : Zubdidi

Megrelia region where especially reverently relate to the kitchen and the feast in general, the local gomi (mamalyga)
  • Elardzhi, Gebzhaliya, Kharcho with walnuts, Sulguni (cheese) … you can list the dishes which will be remembered for a very long time because, like everywhere else on our route, the cuisine is based on local natural products, and local are especially sensitive to the authenticity of dishes.
  • Mengrelia, the leader in growing hazelnuts and preparing dried fruits in Georgia, will have a great choice for useful purchases, as the last day of our culinary trip that we spend in Pasanauri in the homeland of Khinkali is approaching.
  • It was here, local shepherds came up with a wonderful dish, Khinkali is good everywhere, but in this marvelous place, in the mountain air, we double our appetite, you will enjoy Khinkali in a unusual way !
  • Khinkali can be of several types, we will try them all and hold a small contest, the winner of which will receive a memorable prize. First of all, we will get introduced with local technologies to prepare barbecue and fish, which are prepared from local, natural products.

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