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Gastronomic tour of Georgia, the choice is not an ordinary gourmet.
Georgian cuisine in the 21st century was able to preserve old recipes that exclude non-natural ingredients.
Due to the unique climate, everything is here
it is still possible to grow natural, environmentally friendly vegetables and fruits, to raise cattle and poultry in the meadows, so our table is always healthy!
For centuries, in Georgia, the table did not go without wine. Properly selected aperitifs and based on centuries-old practice based on the ratio of dishes to wines, will make it possible to more vividly feel the delights of local cuisine and it is easier to make a caloric attack.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONЕ Tbilisi, Our car will meet you at your hotel or apartment.
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 10:00 AM for a prompt departure at 10:05 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately Late in the evening.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Professional guide Food and the best Georgian wine
Transfer throughout the tour Small present
Additional expenses

We organize car tours in Georgia both individually and for large companies. Relaxing with us guarantees delicious food and the best wine. You will also enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and valleys of Georgia. Photos from this tour will not leave anyone indifferent. We also have something to please lovers of history and monuments with.


1st day in Tbilisi : capital of great Georgia!

The first day we will spend in Tbilisi.
  • All the cuisine of the country has gathered in the capital of Georgia. Since people from different parts of the world have brought something of their own and tasty with themselves, and are proud of it, the city accepted this gift and we will fully experience it in local restaurants.
  • Any of our dishes has its own story,In this way it is not only tasty but also informative.
  • An orientation tour of the city will give a lot of positive emotions, it will be possible to follow the process of baking bread in Ton (tandoor), take memorable photos, chat with locals.

2 day Imereti: Kutaisi.

Imereti, the region whose capital this city is considered to have always set the tone for Georgian cuisine, and pampers with a variety of dishes. In any restaurant here, quality is an indisputable circumstance, and we will see this, but here we have a certain feature for you!
Lunch at a local resident of the house, let’s try that God gave him that day … and we won’t miss the thought!
Along the way there we will visit the “Imereti Yard”
The restaurant has impeccable cuisine, let’s compare home cooking with a restaurant!
And enjoy the answer!
  • Kutaisi is a city with 3500 years of history. Two beautiful temples are waiting for us there, which are in a marvelous beautiful place.
  • No matter how good it is, we need to move on! To new sensations, to other dishes, to another land!

Day 3 Adjaria : Batumi

Adjara will host us on the third day, the sea, the boulevard, attractions … well, of course, but we cannot help but try the Adjarian khachapuri. Test, cheese, butter, eggs … how they relate to each other, so we have to study on the spot! Khachapuri, although hearty but a snack.
  • We go to a fish restaurant on the seashore, where you can spend hours contemplating the sea and feasting on freshly caught fish, which we ourselves will pick up at the fish market there.
  • A couple of grocers of wine will reveal to us the idyll of the coast with swinging boats and the distant shouts of seagulls.
    In Abzhor, one must invent the 5th day or 4 is enough.
  • After a hearty breakfast, we will leave Batumi with local dairy products that are based exclusively on local natural Raw materials.

Day 4 Megrelia : Zubdidi

Megrelia region where especially reverently relate to the kitchen and the feast in general, the local gomi (mamalyga)
  • Elardzhi, Gebzhaliya, Kharcho with walnuts, Sulguni (cheese) … you can list the dishes for a long time that we don’t have anything to say, but will be remembered for a very long time because, like everywhere else on our route, the cuisine is based on local natural products, and local connoisseurs are especially sensitive to the authenticity of dishes.
  • Mengrelia, the leader in growing hazelnuts and preparing dried persimmons in Georgia, will have a great choice for useful purchases, as the last day of our culinary trip that we spend in Pasanauri in the homeland of Khinkali is approaching.
  • It was here, local shepherds came up with a wonderful dish, Khinkali is good everywhere, but in this marvelous place, in the mountain air, we double our appetite, and even with a glass of beer … this time (and I admit a shot of chachi), he’s especially good!
  • Khinkali can be of several types, we will try them all and hold a small contest, the winner of which will receive a memorable prize. For one, we will get acquainted with local technologies for the preparation of barbecue and fish, which you guessed are prepared from local, natural products.

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