Wellness tour in Nunisi

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We present to your attention the balneological resort of Nunisi.
The main direction of the treatment course of the resort’s specialists is such a complex disease as Fsoriasis.
The calm rhythm of life, healthy natural food, the attentive attitude of not only staff but also local residents and, at the end, miraculous water itself eliminates a tiring ailment for a period of six months to a year.
And in just two weeks, staying high in the mountains in the marvelous nature of Georgia, where all seasons have their own unique style.
In the country, not many suffer from this ailment, but the vast majority of them prefer the balneological treatment and can tell a lot about the magical power of Nunisi water.

An effective combination of water, a unique mountain climate and some sense of renunciation considering an interesting fact due to the fact that the road at the resort and the village of the same name ends and you completely pass into the hands of mother nature who for 2 weeks performs a miracle in the form of a long and reliable remission.
Based on universal principles, our company, in addition to the balneological sanatorium, offers free assistance in arranging in the private sector (at home)
Since everything else is still not enough infrastructure of the resort, at times it does not allow to accept the whole mass of needy visitors.
We will be happy to greatly participate in the process of your recovery and in the future we will open for you all new medical and preventive microzones of Georgia.

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