Tourism is the main source of income for Georgia, so the authorities are developing new and improving existing roads, and you can get there by car to almost any locayion. If you want to explore the country on your own without experiencing the discomfort of public transport, you can take a car at any rent a car.

Content :

  1. Car rental in Georgia
  2. What its like to explore Georgia by a car on your own : Police, Drivers, Pedestrians, Animals
  3. Facilities on the roads of Georgia
  4. Cost of car rental in Georgia

Car rental in Georgia

Georgia is geographically a large mountainous and hilly area between even larger mountain systems-the Greater and Lesser Caucasus. The TRANS-Georgian highway Tbilisi-Batumi runs through it. This is a small country, and its three main cities are on a similar distance from each other providing an opportunity to travel conveniently. Tbilisi is located in the East, Batumi in the West, and Kutaisi in the middle to the North.
If you decide to go without a guide and driver, it is advisable to take care of the rental in advance and learn all the details. As a rule, formalities are negotiated within 15-20 minutes. Insurance is included in the price. Now we will list the mandatory conditions for renting a car:
-the document proving the identity

  • driver’s license of category “B”. Russian licence is accepted!
    -driving experience is usually at least 3 years, but sometimes 1 year
  • Deposit (usually $ 150-200) for fines and damages, and rent.
    Of the services, you will have round-the-clock communication with the company and in the event of a breakdown, maintenance. The more serious the company, the better the services. Bad companies rental cars cheap, but the quality may suffer from this, and good ones are more expensive, but you can be more confident. However, this situation will be in any country.
    Be sure to discuss the details of returning the car. Schemes are different. You can take the car at 5 PM and return it at 5 PM in a couple of days. But it happens that you pick up the car at 18 o’clock, and the check-out time at 12. The company can provide a spare hour, or ask you to pay for the time difference at an extremely high rate.
    You can rent a car on site or via the Internet. In any traffic accident, call the police and draw up a report. The phone number of the unified service is 112. The phone number of the rental company is usually specified in the contract or business card. It is necessary to inform managers about an accident in any case.
    Roads in Georgia can be divided into types: excellent highway, good two-lane road, bad two-lane, dirt road with a hard surface and off-road. Some companies prohibit driving a rented car in certain areas by tracking it using GPS.
    Advice! Some companies include only 200 km of daily mileage in the contract, and you need to pay extra for more mileage. Someone 200km may not be enough.

Features of a trip to Georgia by car

Traffic rules here are almost identical to the rules of the road in the CIS and Europe, but driving on its roads has its own characteristics. The first feature is the dashing driving style of Georgian drivers with traffic violations . But it’s not that simple. In addition to the laws written on paper, there are rules of local etiquette that are not always clear to tourists.


There are no fixed police posts in Georgia. Instead, multiple law enforcement crews patrol the streets and roads. Not only in Tbilisi, but on country roads you will constantly meet them. Also, the order on the road is monitored by video surveillance cameras that automatically record speeding, driving through the red line and through the stop line.
Police officers work accurately, observing the duties and rights of people. You should never try to bribe an employee if you violate the rules. In 99.5 percent of cases, it will not be taken, and you will have problems. In the event of an accident, if damage is caused, they will tell you how to proceed. If the damage is minor, they can offer the parties to resolve the issue peacefully.
Unlike many countries, the police here are a friend of tourists and citizens. You can often turn to them for help, and if you are friendly, you can be forgiven for minor offenses. Almost all employees, due to their activities, know Russian and English well. By the way, children up to 3 years old can only be transported in the back seat in a child seat, or on the lap of an adult.


In many countries, there is an unusual driving style for tourists, and Georgia is no exception. Drivers here can not be called law-abiding.
The most frequent violations:
Violation is considered to exceed 15 km/h. this means if the road sign allows you to go 60 km / h, and you are driving 74 km / h, then this violation will not be recorded. Local residents know where fixed speed cameras are installed, but we do not advise you to drive fast.
When overtaking and crossing a solid line of markings, often oncoming drivers are understanding and loyal to such a maneuver, and move to the right to pass. But we still do not recommend using it.
When a person crosses a road at a pedestrian crossing, Georgians stop only if they see that the pedestrian wants to cross the street, but if they hesitate, they pass without stopping. But at the same time, if a person runs across anywhere, they react better on the contrary and often miss.
Georgian drivers often use the horn signal, thus greeting friends, communicating with each other, for example, expressing gratitude or dissatisfaction. Therefore, the turn signal is not always used. At the same time, they are always ready to help with advice or a tug. Given all this, the level of accidents in Georgia is still minimal, because the participants in many accidents are foreigners who have not studied the local driving style. That’s why you’re actually reading this article.


Pedestrians here are just as lawless as drivers, because one thing affects the other. There is an understanding between the two, but a foreigner can not always understand what to do. Of course, not everyone is so bold, but caution does not hurt. Houses in old villages were built along the road, and buses stop where they want. So be careful if the bus stops in front of you, because some passengers may start crossing the road.


There are often herds of cows, sheep, horses, and wild animals on the roads. The authorities are fighting this phenomenon, but it is taking place. Livestock owners are often fined, but this does not always help. Be careful, because if you do not have time to react, first you will kill the animal, and secondly you will pay for car repairs.

Convenience on the roads of Georgia.

This is a country of springs, so there will be plenty of pure spring water along the way. On highways and roads cafes and shops are quite common, except of course remote mountain areas.
There are also fish sellers. You can buy mullet, catfish, flounder, silver carp, Beluga, pike and other species, take them home with you, or ask them to cook at a roadside restaurant. There are also sellers of natural honey, churchkhela, fruit, Souvenirs, dishes and other things. But keep in mind that the export of plants, animals and daggers outside the border may require special documents. If you want to have a picnic, there are many picturesque places along the way where you can get up and have a snack. By the way, in the same cafes and restaurants there are toilets, somewhere paid somewhere not.

Cost of car rental in Georgia

The rental price depends on the car class, year of manufacture, time of year and the options that you need. For example, you can rent a GPS Navigator, a child seat or an additional trunk. Prices are generally moderate, economy class costs from 25-30 dollars per day. Comfort class will cost 35-40 dollars per day. SUVs from 35-50 dollars a day. In summer, there are fewer cars available, due to high demand, so book in advance. For the record, there are almost no Russian cars in the country, which means that there are almost no rental parks.
There are enough gas stations on the roads, but it is better to fill the tank at any opportunity.

  • Mark 92 gasoline costs-2-2, 40 gel, 95 – 2,30-2,60 lari, 98 – 2,60-2,70 lari.
  • The cost of gas is 1.1-1.2 gel per liter, but gas equipment is not installed in almost any rental car, this is simply unprofitable for companies.
    If you want to relax while traveling, learn about the sights on the way, drink wine and not think about anything, we offer you to order a tour with the services of a driver and guide. Thank you for your attention, if anything, you can write and call us.

In our articles you can find answers to almost all questions related to the trip, stay and other travel details. Below we give 20 tips on how to have a good and inexpensive vacation in Georgia if you decide to go on your own, without the help of domestic travel agencies.

1. Buy a plane ticket two weeks in advance, or even better a month in advance. Track discounts and special offers on online offers. There are quite cheap airlines tickets for early bird purchases.

2. Do not take in your luggage a hairdryer, shampoo, a lot of pairs of shoes and other cheap things that you can buy or provided by a hotel. After all, you need to have extra space in your luggage, probably want to bring back wine and souvenirs.

3.Arrange in advance all the transfers and transportation, prepare and process all documentations and paper work in advance including a guide.Visa is not needed, and the customs are very much smooth process.

4. If you are going to take a taxi, be sure to bargain well. Not all the taxis equiped with meter counter.

5. Taxis in Batumi are expensive and can be hectic. If you are in good shape, there are many bike rental points for you. Batumi Boulevard is an ideal place for cycling.

6. When choosing accommodation, pay attention to guest houses. Here they are rented by many, and the service is excellent. Often the owner will put on the table a large bottle of wine, for free.

7. If you are a fan of camping,  Georgia has an amazing spots for a picnic. Take a tent with you, there are plenty of beautiful places to sleep.

8. In Georgia,  Wi-Fi is widely available, so turn off roaming on your home SIM card. You can buy a Georgian SIM card in the region of 400 rubles for 15 days, and this is enough for you. You can call your relatives through whatsapp, Telegram and Skype.

9. Almost all over the country you can pay by card. But still, carry enough national currency – GEL. Foreign currencies will not be accepted in many places.

10. We recommend taking with you US dollars or Euro, because the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro to GEL will almost always be more profitable compare to other urrencies. It is better to sit and calculate how it is more profitable to make an exchange.

10. In Georgia, the exchange rate at banks and private exchangers is almost the same. The airport will be more expensive. ATMs are widely availabe in the cities.

11. By bus and minibus you can reach almost anywhere in the country. But if you have a group of more than 3-4 people, it is easier and more profitable to order a group transfer. No need to go to the station and wait for departure.

12. In Tbilisi, public transport is well developed, there is even a metro. The average taxi ride costs 4-5 GEL.

13. Ask for additional discounts in services and trade. Do not be shy, it is almost always appropriate to bargain in thks country.

14. Eat, drink, have fun. For this, Georgia has amazing cuisine and wine, many restaurants and cafes. If the institution is crowded, sign of a delicious dishes. Prices are pretty low.

15. Be sure to try street churchkhela and delicious types of bread. Souvenirs can be bought at markets and shops.

16. Home-made wine here is also a good quality. It is in liquor stores and restaurants. You can always taste it before buying.

17. In Georgia, almost everywhere you can drink water from the tap. As someone said, “I drank this kind of water only here and in Switzerland”.
18. Many people here know the Russian language, mainly the older generation and customer service related employees. But the signs on the roads, price tags in stores and stuff, in Georgian or English. Feel free to ask for help, guests are loved here.

19. If you are going to engage in active sports, such as skiing, rafting, etc., then think about health insurance. It’s inexpensive, and trouble can happen in any country in the world.

20. Be polite and smiling. A nice person can make a discount just because of this. Do not break laws, traffic rules, communicate more, get to know this country and you will be happy!