In our articles you can find answers to almost all questions related to the trip, stay and other travel details. Below we give 20 tips on how to have a good and inexpensive vacation in Georgia if you decide to go on your own, without the help of domestic travel agencies.

1. Buy a plane ticket in two weeks, or better in a month. Track discounts and special offers on online aggregators. There are quite cheap airlines, for example, the Russian “Victory”.

2. Do not take in your luggage a hairdryer, shampoo, a lot of pairs of shoes and other cheap things that you can buy or that will end up in a hotel. After all, you need to pay extra for an advantage and you will probably want to bring back wine and souvenirs.

3. Decide in advance the issue with the transfer, guide and arrange the documents before the trip. A visa is not needed, but there is no unnecessary bureaucracy at customs.

4. If you are going to take a taxi, be sure to bargain well. Counters are not everywhere.

5. Taxis in Batumi are expensive and nervous. If you are in good shape, there are many bike rental points for you. Batumi Boulevard is an ideal place for cycling.

6. When choosing accommodation, pay attention to guest houses. Here they are rented by many, and the service is excellent. Often the owner will put on the table a large bottle of wine, for free.

7. If you are a fan of camping, then in Georgia there are few of them. But anyway, take a tent with you, there are plenty of beautiful places to sleep.

8. In Georgia, almost everywhere there is Wi-Fi, so turn off roaming on your home SIM card. You can buy a Georgian SIM card in the region of 400 rubles for 15 days, and this is enough for you. You can call your relatives through Vatsap, Telegram, Skype.

9. Almost all over the country you can pay by card. But still, carry enough national currency – GEL. Rubles and dollars will not be accepted in many places.

10. We do not recommend taking rubles or hryvnias with you, because the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro to GEL will almost always be more profitable. It is better to sit and calculate how it is more profitable to make an exchange.

10. In Georgia, the exchange rate at banks and private exchangers is almost the same. The airport will be more expensive. There are a lot of ATMs in cities.

11. By bus and minibus you can reach almost anywhere in the country. But if you have a group of more than 3-4 people, it is easier and more profitable to order a group transfer. No need to go to the station and wait for departure.

12. In Tbilisi, public transport is well developed, there is even a metro. The average taxi ride costs 4-5 GEL.

13. Ask for additional discounts in services and trade. Do not be shy, it is almost always appropriate.

14. Eat, drink, have fun. For this, Georgia has amazing cuisine and wine, many restaurants and cafes. If the institution is crowded, then necessarily delicious. Prices are pretty low.

15. Be sure to try street churchkhela and delicious types of bread. Souvenirs can be bought at markets and shops.

16. Home-made wine here, no worse than bottled. It is in liquor stores and restaurants. You can always taste it before buying.

17. In Georgia, almost everywhere you can drink water from the tap. As one person told us, “I drank this kind of water only here and in Switzerland”.
18. Many people here know the Russian language, mainly the older generation and service workers. But the signs on the roads, price tags in stores and stuff, in Georgian or English. Feel free to ask for help, guests are loved here.

19. If you are going to engage in active sports, such as skiing, rafting, etc., then think about health insurance. It’s inexpensive, and trouble can happen in any country in the world.

20. Be polite and smiling. A nice person can make a discount just because of this. Do not break laws, traffic rules, communicate more, get to know this country and you will be happy!

Bakuriani, Georgia’s senior ski resort.

It began its history at the end of the 19th century, when this picturesque area aroused the interest of representatives of the Russian Imperial family. Now it is a town in Borjomi municipality in the province of Samtskhe-Javakheti. Claimed the right to host the 2014 winter Olympics

Fresh, aromatic mountain air, stunning views, thick forests promised him to be the winter the preserve of high-ranking people. And so it happened. For this purpose, the Borjomi mineral resort and the snowy Bakuriani were connected by a narrow-gauge railway designed by Monsieur Gustave Eiffel, and a small Palace was built.Today it is a family recreation center, where you can go skating, horse riding, Snowmobiling, and explore local attractions.

How to get to Bakuriani?

First, we arrive at Tbilisi airport, where the resort is 170 km away. you can take a bus, taxi or railway, but it is easier and cheaper to take a group transfer. A taxi from the capital will cost about 250 Gel.You can get to Borjomi, and then follow the same “Tsarskaya” narrow-gauge railway up the mountain. Or use local taxis, the trip will cost 45-50 Gel, and the distance is 25 km.

Where to live?

You can stay here in hotels and private homes. Prices from about 60-180l for a simple room with everything you need. A large amount will have to be paid in higher-level hotels. In private cottages, prices start at $ 30 per day and you will have a separate approach.
Bakuriani is located in the subtropics, at an altitude of 1700 m. the Average temperature in January is 6 C. the Weather is windless, thanks to the surrounding mountains, and there are about 220 Sunny days a year. The level of snow cover is 60-70 cm, constantly stable. The season runs from November to March, and the peak month is February. Avalanches are extremely rare here. In calm weather, you can see the Greater Caucasus from here.


The main elevation of the complex is mount kohta. Its top is at the level of 2200 m. the kohta-1 and kohta-2 routes stretch From it. The length of the first one is 1.5 km, which is a two-level track for skiers with experience. The top 500 m of the slope has a slope of up to 53 degrees, and the remaining 1000 m is a red section.

“Kohta-2” is not such a difficult route, its length is 3 km. It is also two-level, steep descents alternate sections for quiet skiing. The neighboring Didveli mountain is also being actively developed.

Novice skiers should start with the “Plateau” track, which is 400 m long and has a slope of 11-13 degrees. There are also several easy descents for beginners. There is a chairlift for 2 people, a rope rope and a Tatra cable car, as well as 3 rope roads for children.
In Bakuriani there are three ski jumps, 50, 70, 90 m high, a sledge route with a length of 1300 m, and a track to The tskhratskaro pass, for runners on skis, 13 km long, to a height of 2790 m. with the help of paragliding, you can see the magnificent landscapes from a bird’s eye view.

What to see?

Bakuriani has a Botanical garden with more than 1000 beautiful plants and a small Romanov Palace. In the surrounding area you can see the beautiful Tabatskuri lake, Timotesubani monastery, Borjomi, mitarbi and Tsagveri mineral resorts. The famous rock town of Vardzia is 50 km away.