20 tips for tourists

In our articles you can find answers to almost all questions related to the trip, stay and other travel details. Below we give 20 tips on how to have a good and inexpensive vacation in Georgia if you decide to go on your own, without the help of domestic travel agencies.

1. Buy a plane ticket two weeks in advance, or even better a month in advance. Track discounts and special offers on online offers. There are quite cheap airlines tickets for early bird purchases.

2. Do not take in your luggage a hairdryer, shampoo, a lot of pairs of shoes and other cheap things that you can buy or provided by a hotel. After all, you need to have extra space in your luggage, probably want to bring back wine and souvenirs.

3.Arrange in advance all the transfers and transportation, prepare and process all documentations and paper work in advance including a guide.Visa is not needed, and the customs are very much smooth process.

4. If you are going to take a taxi, be sure to bargain well. Not all the taxis equiped with meter counter.

5. Taxis in Batumi are expensive and can be hectic. If you are in good shape, there are many bike rental points for you. Batumi Boulevard is an ideal place for cycling.

6. When choosing accommodation, pay attention to guest houses. Here they are rented by many, and the service is excellent. Often the owner will put on the table a large bottle of wine, for free.

7. If you are a fan of camping,  Georgia has an amazing spots for a picnic. Take a tent with you, there are plenty of beautiful places to sleep.

8. In Georgia,  Wi-Fi is widely available, so turn off roaming on your home SIM card. You can buy a Georgian SIM card in the region of 400 rubles for 15 days, and this is enough for you. You can call your relatives through whatsapp, Telegram and Skype.

9. Almost all over the country you can pay by card. But still, carry enough national currency – GEL. Foreign currencies will not be accepted in many places.

10. We recommend taking with you US dollars or Euro, because the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro to GEL will almost always be more profitable compare to other urrencies. It is better to sit and calculate how it is more profitable to make an exchange.

10. In Georgia, the exchange rate at banks and private exchangers is almost the same. The airport will be more expensive. ATMs are widely availabe in the cities.

11. By bus and minibus you can reach almost anywhere in the country. But if you have a group of more than 3-4 people, it is easier and more profitable to order a group transfer. No need to go to the station and wait for departure.

12. In Tbilisi, public transport is well developed, there is even a metro. The average taxi ride costs 4-5 GEL.

13. Ask for additional discounts in services and trade. Do not be shy, it is almost always appropriate to bargain in thks country.

14. Eat, drink, have fun. For this, Georgia has amazing cuisine and wine, many restaurants and cafes. If the institution is crowded, sign of a delicious dishes. Prices are pretty low.

15. Be sure to try street churchkhela and delicious types of bread. Souvenirs can be bought at markets and shops.

16. Home-made wine here is also a good quality. It is in liquor stores and restaurants. You can always taste it before buying.

17. In Georgia, almost everywhere you can drink water from the tap. As someone said, “I drank this kind of water only here and in Switzerland”.
18. Many people here know the Russian language, mainly the older generation and customer service related employees. But the signs on the roads, price tags in stores and stuff, in Georgian or English. Feel free to ask for help, guests are loved here.

19. If you are going to engage in active sports, such as skiing, rafting, etc., then think about health insurance. It’s inexpensive, and trouble can happen in any country in the world.

20. Be polite and smiling. A nice person can make a discount just because of this. Do not break laws, traffic rules, communicate more, get to know this country and you will be happy!


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